Friday, October 3, 2014

East Lyme, CT

We are now at "Aces High CG" in East Lyme, CT.

This is a 5th wheel RV with a balcony and a rear door that turns into another balcony with railing, illuminated with fluorescent lighting. It's really becoming hard to keep up with latest trends.

We stayed at Narrows Too RV Resort near Bar Harbor, Maine for three months. Lilly and Hamish played for a half hour every afternoon for the last two months. They will surely miss each other now, but will remember each other if we return next year. Here is their link:

Lilly keeps asking us at 2:30 in the afternoon, "where is Hamish?" She really misses her pal from Maine.

While at Narrows Too we took advantage of the lobsters and clams from Lunt's lobster pound:

We enjoyed our time in Maine, got plenty of rest and got spoiled by the weather.