Monday, September 16, 2013

Boothbay, Maine

Here we are in Boothbay, Maine. Pulled into our campsite 9/12 and attended the Foretravel Motorcade Club Fall Rally. There were 20+ Foretravel Motorhomes here. Saturday night dinner included two lobsters, corn and all the clams you could eat, plus dessert and ice cream. Had a great time and met some nice fellow travelers. We've decided to stay here for another week, get our mail and have a few parts for the RV delivered.

Guess we could say that we are on our shake down cruise. Also, a brush up on driving skills cruise. While leaving the last campground which was very hilly and loaded with trees, and rocks, etc. Our driver (Bob) managed not to hit any trees, but did clobber the passenger side on a  5' diameter rock. We'll need a body shop when we get home. I (Bob) also, did not get the dip stick into the locked in position one day and blew a gallon of oil out on to the back of the RV, our car, and Interstate 90 through New York. Are we having fun yet???

Friday, September 6, 2013

Port Huron, MI to Niagara Falls, NY

 Here is a lake freighter in the Saint Claire River Headed to Lake Huron.

The Hyrdo-Electric dams on the Niagara River.

After leaving Port Huron this morning, and traveling through Ontario, Canada we are camping at KOA Niagara Falls.We're going to stay here at Niagara Fall for a couple of days. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Port Huron, MI

After staying in Muskegon, MI for two weeks we traveled to Port Huron, MI today. Tomorrow we plan on staying  at Niagra Falls. We should definitely get some pictures within the next few days.