Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plymouth, MA

Crossing the bridge into Boston, MA.

The first air conditioned building in Plymouth c.1700.

Replica of the Mayflower.

The current updated dinghy dock.

The first dinghy dock in America. "The Plymouth Rock."
When the early settlers rowed their small boats into
shore from the Mayflower they landed on Plymouth Rock.
The rock is half submerged at high tide.

View of Plymouth Harbor from "The Rock."

The oldest house in Plymouth, built in the 1600's.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running from Earl!

Well, as you can see by our location, (but only if you click on 'Our Location'), we have moved inland to get away from the winds. We never expected to to have to deal with a hurricane this far north. The upside is that the water is freezing here, so by the time it gets here it will be smaller. Meanwhile, we're in a lovely place--- lots and trees, and thoughtfully there is a space for our TV to receive satellite. Can't decide if trees or the stuff people leave around is more dangerous. Oh well---- here we are!